QR Signals for the SP500 index (SPX)

9/11/18: Bullish an intra-year trend into late October to early November for a Level 1 peak. Also, a record high after August to be evidence long-term trends can extend into 2020. But taking it one step at a time.


Super Cycle Low: March 2009; Still bullish

Major Long-term Low: March 2009; Still bullish; Seeking a top sometime 2018-2020

Minor Long-term High: January 29, 2018

Minor Long-term Low: February 9, 2018

Aug 31, 2018: Near-term bearish as of 8/31. Type: L2. Outlook: A setback during September is to be followed by an upswing during October-November.

As of 9/7/18: The business cycle model called a Level 2 peak the prior week. Level 2 tops and bottoms are the second most important trend reversal during a year.

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